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Picking house siding that works with your current home style and architecture is a fun and exciting task! This is because of all of the new types of choices available to you. We offer an astounding collection, in different sizes, colors, textures and composition. We offer brand name products from the best manufacturers across the United States and most siding comes with a lifetime material warranty.

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We take the stress and hassle out of siding selection and installation. There are many factors to consider when embarking on an upgrade to your home exterior:

  1. Financial expenditure
  2. Life expectancy of the product
  3. Availability of choices
  4. Upkeep and maintenance
  5. Durability

Financial expenditure – House siding provides one of the most cost effective means of altering the exterior of your home. Installing this type of product may cost you the same or even less than getting your current stucco or wood exterior painted or replaced. The ease of installation greatly lowers your initial cost for labor as well. Since our company has years of experience with these projects, we can handle your job efficiently and affordably.

Life expectancy of the product – How long your new exterior will last will depend on the type of house siding that you choose to go with. Using a quality brand of vinyl siding can last up to 25 year which will leave you little to worry about for a quite a while after installation. If you choose to go with certain steel choices, you can expect an expectancy of up to 35 years or more. Cement board choices can last up to 50 or so years. So as you can see, these exterior wall coverings can last a very long time.

Availability of choices – When approaching the decision to redo the exterior of your home with house siding, you should actively check out what choices are available to you. There are various products available to you, as a homeowner, which can drastically improve the appeal and look of your home. Siding comes in a huge array of colors from subtle shades to darker and bolder choices that really make a statement. You can choose a product that resembles other materials, such as wood shake and cedar panels as well.

Upkeep and Maintenance – Upkeep and maintenance of your new house siding is also something you should consider. Types of vinyl and polymer are virtually maintenance free because they never have to be painted. The color is part of the siding composition. If by some chance, a panel gets damaged by weather or the lawnmower hitting it, you can have these specific areas repaired without having to alter the whole exterior of the house.

Durability – Certain types of house siding are more durable than others, just like other exterior materials. High quality products are of a thickness that allows them to last quite a long time with good resistance to outside forces and damage. Investing in a cheaper brand of lower quality does not make sense in the long run, as your product will not last. We work with only the best manufacturers who provide high quality products that will not drain you financially.

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