Steel Siding

Steel siding is a prudent choice for both home owners as well as clients who own business or industrial buildings. We can install high quality brands and products on single family homes, warehouses, apartment buildings and many other commercial structures. Steel exterior wall covering is a long term investment and the advantages make it cost effective.

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There are some distinct advantages to using steel siding instead of other choices of exterior wall covering. We have included a just a few of those reasons here:

  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Rigidity
  3. Protection from the elements
  4. Little need for maintenance

Environmentally friendly – You may think, “How is steel siding friendly to the environment?” The answer to this question is it is 100% recyclable. There are many places that take scrap metal and re-use it for other purposes. This prevents the metal from taking up precious space in our area’s garbage dumps and landfills. It also does not emit any potentially harmful vapors like other choices of exterior that can emit dust and fibers which can be dangerous if people breathe it in.

Rigidity – The use of steel siding can go a long way in protecting your home’s exterior. It is one of the most rigid and durable building materials that exist and can withstand many different types of damage. It is almost impossible to make a lasting dent in something this strong, so you do not have to worry about damaging it with a bump from the lawnmower, weed whacker or any other gardening and lawn maintenance equipment. If your home gets hit by a stray golf ball (if you live in a course) or a stray baseball from neighborhood kids, your siding will almost always stay intact. It can be impervious to a small falling or blowing tree branch.

Protection from the elements – Most customers see the major reason to choose steel siding as being protection from the elements. Extreme temperature changes and harsh weather conditions in the form of heavy rains and winds can sometime pose a problem with traditional materials or other types of wall cover. Steel products can be resistant to scratching from low hanging branches or other bushes and shrubbery as well. This product provides a seamless surface which allows less thermal heat loss in the winter and less loss of cold air in the warmer months.

Little need for maintenance – Steel siding is virtually maintenance free. Once you decide to remodel the exterior of your home or business, then you most likely would like to forget about maintenance for a while. You will not have to spend money every few years on repainting because the color shade you choose is built right into the material during the manufacturing process. Every once in a while if your exterior gets dirty, then all you really need to do is spray off the walls to restore the look that you had when it was first installed. It can last as long as you own your home or property, and most products are backed by a long term warranty.

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