Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are an excellent choice if you want affordability without having to compromise on long term value. They are constructed of glass panels that face each other and are set in the plain or decorative frame of your choosing. These glass panes are between ½ and ¾ inches apart and often the gap created is filled with certain types of nontoxic gases that provide superior insulation. We know that when you choose to remodel your home or office, you want superior items of outstanding quality. We make certain that you are satisfied with your final product.

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Double pane windows will give you many benefits, and here are just a few:

  1. High levels of insulation
  2. Superior noise reduction
  3. Ease of use
  4. Ease of cleaning

High levels of insulation – Double pane windows are an optimal choice if you have insulation concerns. Perhaps you have older window panes that have deteriorated or rotted and are now allowing air to escape the building or they are allowing exterior air into the home or office. A double pane choice can all but eliminate these issues. They will fit tightly into the spaces they for which they were designed, so that thermal heat loss is diminished and less cold air from your air conditioning gets out. This will be extremely helpful in providing ongoing value, as your gas or electric bills will be greatly reduced.

Superior noise reduction – Double pane windows are great at blocking outside noises from traffic, construction or neighbors. If you are someone who likes a quiet and relaxed home or work environment, then these are definitely the choice for you. Many of our customers have opted for these window choices if they live off of a busy street, are located near an elementary or middle school, or are in the vicinity of any types of sports arena. You could just have noisy neighbors that may disturb your rest or, if you own a business, disrupt your employees. No matter your motivation, we will find the right product for you at the right price.

Ease of use – If you have an older more traditional home or office space, you can also benefit from double pane windows. If your home or building has dated window types, you may find yourself having to hurt yourself to painfully crank your windows open, or you may have to deal with sticking when trying to lift them open. Our updated choices will lower your chance of injury because they just slide open and shut with ease. They also lock much easier than other options, making your home or office safer and more secure.

Ease of cleaning – Double pane windows can provide a classier and more-user friendly alternative to older and dated choices. With a double pane choice, you can slide the glass over and clean both sides with ease. Even if you choose a more ornate and decorative design, both the interior and exterior pieces of glass can be washed easily. Older buildings have old windows (unless renovation has been done) that can have grime and dirt that has accumulated over several years. The structure of older choices can make cleaning a bit difficult, whereas

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