Energy Efficient Windows

Installing energy efficient windows on your home or building is a very good decision with long term benefits. You can increase energy efficiency by choosing better window frames, as well as enhanced glass panes to go in them. There are many choices in double and triple pane glass that can add additional value for years to come. The money you spend now will make it back to your bank account far faster than you may think.

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Everyone who embarks on any type of remodel will be excited once they learn about the various products that enhance the look and feel of their home or office building’s architecture. For a relatively small cost, you can have a brand new exterior by simply replacing the windows.

Here a few of the benefits gleaned from these energy efficient windows renovations:

  1. Regulation of the amount of sun that is let in
  2. Prevention of UV damage
  3. Energy conservation
  4. Tax benefits

Regulation of sunlight – Technological advances in energy efficient windows now let in only the right amount of sunlight into your home or office. When sunlight hits a glass surface, the light is either reflected, transmitted or absorbed. There are now coatings that can be applied to glass panes that can reflect almost all of the invisible heat and “bad” light away from your home or office, while still allowing visible natural light inside. These coatings can increase insulation value by a large percentage, therefore lowering energy costs without adding any additional glass.

Prevention of UV damage – Energy efficient windows in the form of double or triple pane glass and coatings can diminish the amount of ultraviolet rays that enter your home or office building. This is not something that most people think about, but almost all homeowners and business owners have furniture in view of sunlight, as well as fabric drapes or curtains hanging on their windows. The sun has the ability to significantly fade fabrics after repeated exposure. When energy efficient measures are taken, you can protect your furniture and other items from looking washed out and discolored.

Energy conservation – The most obvious benefit derived from energy efficient windows is the conservation of power and natural resources. More and more industries are exploring options to help conserve power and lower heating and cooling costs; the home window industry is no different. We all need to find a way to save money wherever we can. By installing these new windows, you can spend money once and enjoy years of savings on your monthly electric and gas bills.

Tax benefits – Energy efficient windows also carry an unexpected benefit when tax season rolls around. Homeowners may be able to claim a tax credit for appliances that conserve power as well as building renovations that help conserve resources. These credits can decrease your income tax, therefore saving you additional money in addition to your annual savings on your heating and cooling costs. Be sure to keep all paperwork, receipts and product information that we provide when we install your new additions, so that you can reference them when it comes time to do your tax return.

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