Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are an excellent choice if you are planning to replace your existing windows. They are composed of a composite fiber material that is glued together using a special type of resin. They come in many different styles and options. You are guaranteed to find a look that matches your current home or business appearance, or changes it beautifully! Fiberglass is a terrific choice!

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Fiberglass windows are an outstanding product. Here are some of the reasons that they are gaining in popularity:

  1. Strength
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Noise reduction

Strength – Fiberglass windows are considered to be extremely durable and very strong. Due to their composition, they cannot fall prey to any type of rot, nor will they warp, bend, twist or fracture. If your home is hit by hail or other forms of severe weather, the material will hold up very well. The same goes for moisture and wetness protection. They are not damaged by heavy rain; high and low temperature fluctuations and they can take other types of abuse in stride.

Energy efficiency – Fiberglass windows add to any effort to go green. More and more homeowners and business owners are taking extra steps to conserve energy. The composition of these windows allows them to be recycled, easily leaving a lower environmental imprint. They also provide superior insulation so that you lose much less heat in the colder months and keep much more cool air in the hotter months. It also contracts and expands at a rate that is very close to that of glass, leaving no room for air to escape. It also cuts down the rate of condensation on the interior surface of the window.

Aesthetics – Fiberglass windows provide a sleek and polished way of changing the exterior of your home or business, when it’s time to freshen up the appearance. Many older buildings have damaged, rotted or deteriorating window panes that can make an otherwise nice exterior look run down. A simple change such as installing new windows can make a world of difference. Fiberglass comes in a whole plethora of shades, hues, styles and textures. They can even be painted to match your current color scheme or to provide a level of contrast to give your home or office more character.

Noise reduction – By utilizing certain types of fiberglass windows, you can greatly reduce the headache of hearing everything that is going on outside. If you live on a fairly busy street, or if your business is located on a main road, then you probably are acquainted with the fact that outside noise can penetrate and be very disruptive. We can install double or triple pane glass that will further mask outside sounds and distractions, leaving your interior quieter and more relaxing. In your home, that will help if you need to concentrate on a television program; reading a book; or getting to sleep. In your business you can make sure that your employees are able to perform their jobs at a higher level, and that your customers and visitors are not distracted.

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