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Installing insulated windows in your home or commercial building is a great way to save money in the long term. Windows are classified by what is called their U-factor. U-factor measures the rate at which something conducts heat flow. The lower the U-factor, the better the item is at preventing heat loss. We will help you decide which of these choices will work the best for your needs and your budget.

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Since energy costs are on the rise, many homeowners and commercial building owners are looking for ways to save on their energy bill. By implementing windows with better insulation characteristics, you can look forward to your home or business staying the temperature that you want it without loss of air.

Here are a few types of insulated windows:

  1. Aluminum or metal frames
  2. Vinyl frames
  3. Wood frames
  4. Double and triple pane glass

Aluminum or metal frames – Aluminum and other metal insulated windows are now manufactured with plastic insulating strips to prevent the metal from quickly conducting heat as they did when they were first used in homes and offices. This makes them a great choice now, as aluminum and some other metals are very strong and durable. This means they can withstand temperature fluctuations and well as harsh weather conditions. These metals are very light also, making installation a simple process. Aluminum and metal window frames can be manufactured in many different colors and styles as well.

Vinyl frames – Vinyl frame insulated windows are another solid choice. This vinyl is made of polyvinyl chloride (the same material used for PVC pipes) and has stabilizers to prevent the frame from breaking down when exposed to the sunlight and ultra violet rays. Vinyl is great at sealing out moisture and preventing condensation in addition to its high insulating ability. These frames generally come already painted in a color of your choosing, so there are no extra steps to add color before the installation. Vinyl frames can also now come in a version that actually includes insulation material in the hollow spaces of the frame, providing even more savings.

Wood frames – Wood frames are an outstanding choice in insulated windows; especially if you desire a traditional look for your home or office. Since natural wood is a good insulator, you have the freedom to choose from all different types of grains, textures and colors for your new frames. These window choices can add a noticeable level of elegance and character to your home or business that may not be achieved with other more synthetic materials. There is also vinyl or metal clad options for wood frames that can help you combine the low maintenance of those materials with the splendor and appeal of natural wood.

Double and triple pane glass – While we have discussed some insulated windows frame types, we should also mention the glass that is put in the frames. We can install double or triple pane glass selections that offer outstanding insulation to the structure. Another benefit to using double and triple pane glass is the noise reduction. If you live or work in an area that has a significant amount of construction or traffic, you can help black out these sounds so that you can relax or concentrate on your work or other tasks.

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