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Looking for replacement windows? Perhaps you are a homeowner who is remodeling the whole exterior of your home and want new choices. Or, you may want a change because your old ones look dated or are damaged. Many home and business owners make the switch for energy efficiency or because they need better insulation. No matter the situation, we provide the best choices, and installation that is second to none.

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There are several choices in terms of style and functionality. Call us to discuss the full list. Here are a few options:

  1. Fiberglass windows
  2. Wood clad windows
  3. Double pane windows
  4. Insulated windows
  5. Triple pane windows

Fiberglass – Fiberglass replacement windows are composed of a polymer that is strengthened by pieces of pulled glass. Fiberglass does not conduct warmth or cold and work well in our changeable climate. This material is extremely strong and durable and does not warp, bend or fracture like some other materials may. Fiberglass is resistant to chemicals and corrosion that can be in the air, even salt. It also has the same attributes as glass so it contracts and expands in generally the same way. This means less air can escape because of less stress between glass and pane.

Wood Clad – Wood Clad replacement windows are actually fiberglass on the outside surface, and resemble wood on the interior surface. Since the main material is fiberglass you will enjoy strength and durability. You will not have to worry about peeling of paint, as the color on these windows is applied as part of the manufacturing process to defy cracking and deterioration. You can also pick from several options that are resistant to solar heat and great for energy efficiency.

Double pane – Double pane replacement windows are made up of two pieces of glass that are facing each other within the frame. They are separated by a very small space of up to ¾ inch. The space between the panes can be filled with air or argon which provides better insulation. Double pane windows offer superior energy efficiency and also protect the inside of your home from damaging UV rays better than a traditional single pane window. Double glass also has the added benefit of reducing noise from outside traffic, winds and other distractions.

Insulated – The insulation of replacement windows is measured by what we call U-factor. The lower the factor the more insulated a window is and vice-versa. There are several ways to achieve better insulation on a window including adding more panes (double, triple and quadruple); filling the space between panes with non-toxic gases; and applying certain types of coatings to the glass to reflect sunlight. All of these options make for improved energy conservation and lower energy costs.

Triple pane – Triple pane replacement windows consist of an outer layer of glass and an inner layer, with one more layer in-between. As with double pane windows, the areas between the different layers are filled with certain gasses to provide very efficient insulation capabilities. Triple pane glass windows are also much less vulnerable to condensation on the interior surface. If you add the fact that they offer even MORE noise reduction, triple pane windows offer an outstanding choice.

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