Triple Pane Windows

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Triple pane windows are a stellar choice when remodeling or refurbishing your home or office. You may have heard them referred to as “triple glazed windows”. The construction of these products consists of three panes of glass within the one frame. There is an exterior layer and an interior layer with one more layer in between. Many times the middle layer is covered with inert and nontoxic gases such as argon, which help with insulation.

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Triple pane windows should be considered a long term investment rather than just an expense, as the benefits are long-lasting and many:

  1. Lowest U-factor rating
  2. Superior noise reduction
  3. Outstanding insulation
  4. Value and curb appeal

Lowest U-factor rating – Triple pane windows generally offer the lowest U-factor among all of their counterparts. The U-factor of a window pane or frame measures its resistance to heat loss. The lower the U-factor, the better the window is – with regard to allowing heat to stay within the structure when desired; as well as keeping warmth out when wanted. In short, when you have the heat on in the winter, less hot air will escape; keeping your home warm and when you have the A/C on less hot air will get in – allowing the home to stay cooler.

Superior noise reduction – Triple pane windows block outside noise better than single and double pane alternatives. Suppose you purchased your home or office building when the surrounding neighborhood was quiet and undeveloped and now there is construction going on in the area or a new school has been built adjacent to your property. By going with a triple pane choice, you can rest assured that almost all of this distracting and unwanted ruckus will not affect your ability to relax in your home or concentrate on work, as almost all of this noise will not make it through three panes of glass.

Outstanding insulation – As mentioned before, triple pane windows have a low U-factor which measures heat loss. This means that these windows provide outstanding insulation properties to protect you from extreme cold as well as extreme heat. Better insulation means that after your initial installation costs, these products actually help you to save money in the long run. Less heat loss and transfer directly affects your energy costs on an ongoing basis; summer, spring, fall or winter. You can sit back and enjoy a smaller electric or gas bill and put your monetary savings to good use.

Value and curb appeal – While you may think that triple pane windows are not really needed in your situation, you may be surprised by the value that they can create. You may not have plans for selling your home or commercial building as of now, but situations can always change in the future. You can enjoy the benefits of these new windows while you are living or working in the building, but if there is ever a need to sell your property, you have added value for potential buyers. This addition will show your pride of ownership as well as enhance the curb appeal of almost any single family home or office building.

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