Wood Clad Windows

Wood clad windows have a regular wood frame with a cladding attached to the exterior part. This allows you to pick a beautiful and traditional grain or texture that adds distinction and character to the inside of the home or business, while at the same time allowing you to enjoy less maintenance on the exterior. We have selections from all of the major brand name manufacturers, and expertise at installation that is second to none in Kansas and Missouri.

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Wood clad windows come with two major exterior materials:

  • Aluminum exterior
  • Vinyl exterior

Aluminum exterior - Aluminum exterior wood clad windows have an interior frame made out of wood which is covered by aluminum on the outer side of the frame. The great thing about these products is that the interior part of the frame can be stained or painted to complement the color scheme on the inside of the room in which they are placed. On the exterior portion of the frame, you can choose a baked-on aluminum finish that will coincide with the color palette that is used on your home or commercial building.

Aluminum wood clad windows come in a variety of styles such as casement, double and single hung varieties, awning and horizontal sliding choices. This aluminum does not need any additional paint and acts as a protective covering against the elements and harsh weather conditions. An important characteristic that this metal possesses is its ability to be resistant to dents and dings.

Vinyl exterior – Vinyl exterior wood clad windows also have a great number of important benefits. Vinyl choices provide much better insulation qualities than other cladding materials. Due to vinyl’s capability to prevent thermal heat loss, this will reduce the amount of heat coming into your home or business when it is hot outside and will also keep more heated air inside the home in colder weather. Also, in contrast with traditional wood windows, vinyl does not require maintenance. They do not have to be sanded or primed because there is no need to repaint them. Vinyl windows are also uncomplicated for our expert installers, so you can save on installation costs as well as save money on the frames themselves – vinyl is an affordable option. Vinyl-clad windows also offer many design choices. This material can be bent and bolded into many different styles and designs.

No matter if you own a home or a business, or if you are looking for wood clad windows or replacement siding, we will handle your project with the greatest of ease and professionalism. We pride ourselves on being a very low-pressure contractor that genuinely wants to gain your business by providing honest and courteous service; no matter how small or large your job is. We are family owned and operated and only provide high quality, brand name products from reputable manufacturers. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a favorable rating, so you know that we can and will follow through on our promises.

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